Consistency Is Key

I love you all.

This is my first newsletter since I got married last Saturday and I want to thank everyone who made our wedding so special. The day couldn’t have gone any better and it was amazing how everyone showed us so much love, in person or over the phone. I truly appreciate how I can come to count on everyone for their consistency, as inconsistency is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Inconsistency, especially concerning any type of disciplinary system, has always bothered me because it makes the process of being disciplined feel arbitrary. Whether in a legal courtroom or the court of public opinion, the whole process appears stronger when you can point to precedents being set and consistently upheld. Inconsistent people and inconsistent decision-making, combined with subconscious stereotypes and prejudice, make for a disastrous recipe.

Last week, I learned that the shooter in the Parkland, Florida school shooting who killed 17 people in 2018 had been sentenced to life in prison and did not receive the death penalty. If you don’t get the death penalty for killing 17 people in a school shooting, why does the death penalty even exist? Although none of my other examples are of this magnitude, it made me start to think of various other inconsistencies that I see playing out daily.

I understand that rom-coms are made for a specific target audience. I don’t consider myself part of that target audience, but I understand that the point of the entertainment industry is to make different things for different people. There’s a reason that Tyler Perry doesn’t produce content for Nickelodeon, and Andy Cohen doesn’t produce content for BET, but I digress. I was saddened to learn that after the Billy Eichner movie “Bros” had a disappointing opening weekend at the box office, Eichner took to Twitter to blame straight people and “homophobic weirdos” for not supporting his movie. “Bros”, a rom-com about a gay male couple, is the first movie to have a cast comprised entirely of LGBT people, but it still came in second place to the horror film “Smile”. It seems inconsistent and disingenuous to make a movie for a very specific demographic, and then blame people outside of that demographic for why the movie’s sales didn’t hit a certain target amount. A lack of accountability has led to our current society where such flippant remarks can be made to explain away any type of disappointment.

The NBA handed down one-year suspensions to both Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka, but this consistency falls flat on its face when you realize the severity of what is alleged to have occurred during Sarver’s 17-year tenure as owner of the Suns. As a result, the NBA corrected this by forcing Sarver to sell his ownership stake in both the Suns and the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. Compare this to the NFL’s handling of Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder who also has been the subject of an internal investigation into the toxic work environment he has overseen for the past 22 years and the NFL’s lack of any real punishment is alarming. It’s now at the point of farce where Snyder is threatening to expose the NFL’s dirty underbelly and it shows how a lack of true accountability can spiral out of control.

Speaking of the NFL, my brother Lamar Jackson has been playing this NFL season in the last year of his rookie deal. During the offseason, he attempted to negotiate a long-term contract extension with his current team the Baltimore Ravens but an agreement couldn’t be reached. The sticking point in negotiations was that Jackson wanted a contract that was 100% guaranteed and the team refused to meet this request. Jackson only made this request after Deshaun Watson was given a $230M contract that was fully guaranteed by the Cleveland Browns during Jackson’s contract negotiations. Jackson has not sexually assaulted anyone as of the release of this newsletter. Meanwhile, Watson received his 26th lawsuit last week, which alleges behavior similar to the other 25 lawsuits that he had already received before getting a fully guaranteed contract. Someone, please make this all make sense to me, because the inconsistency is killing me.

I’ve lived a portion of my life where I was an inconsistent wildcard and now I strive to maintain consistency in my life, both with my actions and the people that I surround myself with. Because of this, I have a hard time understanding how people that do roughly similar things can have such different outcomes unfold. Justice is not being upheld and maybe we need someone with a background in law enforcement to help us establish some standards for the future.

Wasn’t Herschel Walker a sheriff?

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