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Corbin Hicks
2 min readApr 19, 2022



I jokingly mentioned in a previous newsletter that we’ve hit the point of no return where people stopped caring about Coronavirus, but that statement seems closer to fact than fiction. Even as Covid has claimed the life of trailblazing icon DJ KaySlay, mask mandates have been lifted for all airlines and Ubers. This must be the happiest day of Governor Ron DeSantis’ life!

In all seriousness, Covid precautions are going the route of cigarettes and seatbelts in that you can provide someone with all of the necessary scientific information about how this is dangerous for you but ultimately it becomes a personal choice. If you want to smoke cigarettes and you’re over the age of 18, no one can stop you. If you don’t wear your car’s seatbelt, most cars have security measures to annoy you until you acquiesce and put the seatbelt on. But, if you choose not to put the seatbelt on the car still functions properly. That’s what is happening with mask mandates.

Now that it’s no longer required at a federal level, I’m having to ask myself if I will continue wearing masks in certain scenarios. Will I still wear masks in Ubers and on airplanes even after the mandates were lifted? Most definitely. Will I still wear masks while grocery shopping? I’m not sure. As part of the normalization process, we’ll all have to take stock of what makes the most sense for all of us on an individual level and then go from there. And if you do all of your own research and soul searching and decide that masks are the way to go until there’s a definitive end to the pandemic, then go right ahead.

Or not. Personal choice.

P.S. I still have not seen any of my neighbors with grocery bags since my last newsletter.

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