Corbin Hicks
3 min readSep 26, 2022



I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I admire how quickly information spreads, but I also dislike how it has become weaponized and divisive in some instances. The applications at the center of most social media debates are Twitter and Meta, previously known as Facebook. The fact that a social media website has to take improved measures to prevent the spread of misinformation should be extremely telling. Still, it also highlights how useful Meta could be under new leadership.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the current legal battle between Twitter and Elon Musk following his (successful?) bid to assume ownership of the social media platform. Musk is a very polarizing figure, but I’d be interested to see how new blood might invigorate the organization and change the course that Twitter has been on for quite some time. The same could be said for Meta as they deal with violation of privacy lawsuits, whistleblower allegations, and all sorts of other controversies. It made me wonder who would be better suited to run the company other than Mark Zuckerberg.

Inspired by the title of his 2015 album, I think there’s no better person to run the Metaverse than rapper and actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Ludacris has arguably contributed way more to society than Musk, and if Musk is capable to own a social media platform why not a platinum recording artist? He knows how to win over millions of people, and I think there are a ton of quick wins that could be obtained by switching over to the Ludaverse.

  • Decrease in hate speech: Look no further than the creator of the hit single “Southern Hospitality” as someone who I believe would clean up Meta’s act and not allow rude people on the application. I also think there’s an opportunity to enforce self-policing among the Meta user base and if they spot something wrong, they can report naughty users with groundbreaking “move bitch, get out the way” functionality.
  • Improve Meta as a community forum: In Musk’s Twitter bid, he specifically mentioned the application’s status as a defacto public town square for the spreading of information. A key component of this is allowing for peaceful disagreement. As someone with very public feuds in his past, with fellow musicians such as T.I. and also with news media members such as Bill O’Reilly, Ludacris would serve as a beacon for the community and provide a positive example of how to navigate public discourse the right way.
  • Improve international relations: There are numerous active accusations and investigations around Meta censorship of sensitive international issues. Examples of this include increased scrutiny of Israel/Palestine posts and censorship of dissident voices in Iran. I have the utmost faith in Ludacris to provide fair and objective coverage for all corners of the Ludaverse. As someone renowned for pimping all over the world and as someone who used to have hoes in different area codes, I do not doubt that Ludacris would take the correct diplomatic approach and improve the worldwide reputation of the brand through word of mouth.
  • Much-needed change of scenery: So many other web platforms and applications are based out of Silicon Valley, California but I think it’s time to modify that strategy. With real estate prices skyrocketing in California, it would be financially prudent to relocate to somewhere different. For this reason, giant corporations such as Google and Microsoft are creating new offices in Georgia. I can’t think of a better person to assist with this transition than Ludacris, who has been a staple in Georgia for the past two decades. Who else is better positioned to welcome the company to Atlanta?

I’m all for giving Ludacris a chance to grab the reigns of Meta for the foreseeable future, but if not, maybe we should let the Winklevoss twins decide what comes next for Meta.

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