September Useless Observations


I’ve been a little slow getting back to full speed after my August recess. I imagine that’s why our government still hasn’t done anything after their August recess either. Regardless, this content train won’t stop rolling and now it’s time for another installment of Useless Observations. My last one was for July, and that can be found here. Let’s get this party started.

  • UO #1: In high school, my favorite rapper was Lil’ Flip. In college, my favorite rapper was Lil’ Wayne. For five years after college, my favorite rapper was Lil’ B. Now, my favorite rapper is Lil’ Baby. And when I was five, my favorite movie was “The Gremlins”. This has nothing to do with anything but I just thought that I should mention it.
  • UO #2: Shoutout to the maintenance men that work on the show “The Voice”. Those chairs that spin when they press the button have never malfunctioned, ever.
  • UO #3: Speaking of buttons, one of my biggest pet peeves is people that press the close door button on elevators.
  • UO #4: Watching preseason football is weird because I’m literally watching someone else’s job interview.
  • UO #5: Speaking of athletes, behind every superstar professional athlete is a parent that trained them like an adult and didn’t respect the fact that they were a child and should’ve received a normal childhood. We only ever hear about success stories, like the Will Smith movie “King Richard”. We never hear about fractured family relationships because a parent pushed a child to do something they honestly didn’t want to do.
  • UO #6: I hate whoever started referring to hot dogs as “glizzys” with every fiber of my being.
  • UO #7: Why are the Spotify playlists Today’s Top Hits and USA Top 50 two different playlists with two different groups of songs on each? Shouldn’t the so-called top hits of today simply be the 50 most played songs in whatever country you’re currently in?

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