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I need to break up the routine I’ve fallen into recently and highlight some positive things going on right now. I want to share some of the movies that I’ve seen recently on Netflix, and how great they are. This is perfect for those of us who are still on some form of quarantine and need to keep themselves busy. If only Blockbuster had been smart enough to buy Netflix two decades ago.

  • Fractured — When I first saw the trailer I thought I had the movie figured out. Turns out I was wrong. A father brings his family to the ER after his daughter fractures her arm and then his family turns up missing.
  • The Invitation — Similar to “Fractured”, its awesome when it’s a simple concept that seems predictable but there are twists and turns that keep you engaged throughout the entire movie. A man gets invited to a fancy dinner party by his ex-wife. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in over two years since the divorce and things are not normal.
  • Uncorked — It’s so nice to see a movie starring black people that isn’t about gangbanging, organized crime or something stupid like “Who Made The Potatoe Salad.” A young man aspires to become a wine sommelier while his father has planned for him to take over the family BBQ business in Memphis. They have to make decisions together about whether to continue the family legacy or embark on their own path.
  • The Lovebirds — I love Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani and this movie blends both of their comedic styles together. A couple that is at each other’s throats decides to mutually split, but are forced to stay together until they can exonerate themselves of a bunch of wacky murders. Yes, wacky murders.
  • What Happened To Monday — Another movie that I thought I had all figured out only to find a huge swerve at the end. Sensing a pattern here? A futuristic dystopian world has an overpopulation problem so every family can only have one child. Siblings are strictly forbidden. A set of septuplets is rescued by their grandfather and they are each given one day a week to go out into the world as the same woman. One day the sibling doesn’t return back and they have to figure out what happened.



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