Take Care

Corbin Hicks
3 min readJul 29, 2021

Have you been vaccinated?

You know what vaccine I’m talking about. I’m talking about the Coronavirus vaccine. The Covid-19 vaccine, AKA the Fauci Ouchie, that comes in three different variants. Regardless of whether you get the Pfizer one, the Moderna one, or the randomly-linked-to rare-random diseases Johnnson & Johnson shot, it’s important to know that they’re all effective at essentially keeping you, strangers and your loved ones alive. Which brings us to a question that I’m upset that I have to ask in July 2021.

If you haven’t got the vaccine yet, why haven’t you? Do you think it’s a government conspiracy? Do you think it’s a government hoax that somehow everyone is on the same page as far as keeping a secret despite the fact that Twitter sleuths can seemingly solve any mystery known to man? Well, I’m coming to you to debunk these myths and tell you that it’s not a conspiracy or a hoax. It’s a vaccine, and you should get the vaccine.

Are you afraid of vaccines in general? If you have trypanophobia, which is an extreme fear of needles, there are steps and measures you can take to gradually overcome your phobia. Not that you’re forgiven for not getting the vaccine, but it is understandable. Everyone’s battles with phobias are different, but you should be trying to get the vaccine, or trying to take steps to address your fear of needles for the sake of keeping you and your loved ones alive.

If you don’t think it’s a conspiracy, and you don’t have a fear of needles, what other reason is there for why you haven’t been vaccinated? Are you waiting for the next wave of Covid vaccines? And if so, why? Do you distrust the current vaccines that are available even though they were created by scientists and the CDC is encouraging people to get them? Do you challenge any other aspect of science, or only science related to the Covid-19 vaccine? And if you distrust science, where is your other information coming from in regards to Covid-19? Social media?

If you don’t think it’s a conspiracy, and you aren’t waiting for the next wave of Covid vaccines, and you believe science, why haven’t you been vaccinated yet? Do you never plan to get the Coronavirus vaccine? Have you already had Covid and think you won’t be able to get Covid again? Well, this is false, and now we have the Delta variant to deal with. Do you realize that despite the random mutations and variants that are now popping up, the vaccines are still effective at treating them as well?

Are you worried about the long-term side effects of the vaccine? Are you worried about it still not being FDA approved? Both of these are genuine concerns, and there really is no answer for the long-term effects question. We’re all at the mercy of what we now have in our bodies. Regarding the second item, the FDA approval process was only started in May and the vaccines are on track to receive full FDA approval, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. But if its not any of the reasons above, why haven’t you been vaccinated?

I’m genuinely curious.

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